Renewable Energy

The Hydropower Sector in Guadeloupe

Hydroelectricity is a renewable energy with a long history and some of the sector’s lowest production costs. Despite great potential, this resource is underdeveloped in Guadeloupe and accounts for only 1% of total electricity generated.

Responding to Stiff Challenges

Helping Reach Guadeloupe’s Energy Goals

As a clean and eco-friendly source of renewable energy that does not emit CO2 or polluting gases (and therefore does not contribute to the greenhouse effect or air pollution), hydropower plays a key role in sustainable development projects.

Hydroelectricity is a primary element in Guadeloupe’s energy plan, since it does not contribute to climate change by emitting greenhouse gases and, as a local resource, helps establish energy independence..

Stable Energy

Like geothermal, biomass or biogas energy, hydroelectricity is a so-called non-variable renewable energy source, meaning production does not fluctuate wildly and thus is highly predictable. Non-variable energy sources can maintain consistent, long-term production and, ideally, even be controlled and delivered based on consumer needs.

Variable energy sources, like wind power, photovoltaics without an energy storage system, and so forth, may experience large variations in power production from one moment to the next.

Of course, hydroelectricity’s stability and production guarantees are linked to the power plant’s water storage capacity.

Existing Installations

Guadeloupe has several sites for hydropower development. The existing installations are mainly located in Basse-Terre, due to the combination of water conditions and suitable topography. The only installations on Grande-Terre are Letaye and Gaschet.

Retenue d'eau de GashetGaschet hydroenergy water retention area

Hydroelectricity production began in 1993. Guadeloupe’s hydropower facilities are listed below.

Owner–Operators, variable: Force Hydraulique Antillaise (FHA)
EDF Energies Nouvelles, EDF.

Current figures for hydropower production are available in the Key Figures tab (in French only).