Renewable Energy

Biomass / Biogas Energy Recovery Methods

Existing Installations

Guadeloupe currently has several recovery units that use a variety of processes to transform biomass into energy.

Combustion and Co-generation

  • The thermal power plant in Le Moule, which transforms bagasse from the Gardel sugar factory into steam and electricity.

Centrale Thermique du Moule

  • The Bologne Distillery’s steam and electricity production unit.

Distillerie Bologne

Bagasse processed by this power plant represents 3% of the total electricity production and 16% of the renewable electricity production in Guadeloupe.


  • Vinasse methanation plant at Bologne Distillery

méthaniseur Bologne

  • Vinasse methanation at Bonne-Mère industrial-use distillery
  • The RSMA Ga agricultural methanation unit

Current figures for Biomass / Biogas production are available in the Key Figures tab (in French only).