Renewable Energy

Biogas: Challenges and Prospects

Biogas Sector Status

Despite significant waste recovery potential, at this time only the Bologne Distillery in Basse-Terre is able to recover its organic waste, bagasse and vinasses, primarily by using a methanation unit paired with a cogeneration plant generating approximately 0.19 MW.

Waste recovery is a priority issue for Guadeloupe given the large volumes of waste produced and the land and environmental constraints for waste storage. Several projects to develop additional energy from waste are being studied.

Biogas Future Growth

Landfill biogas has been recovered at La Gabarre landfill (2.3 MW) since 2017 and at the Espérance landfill in Sainte-Rose (2.1 MW) since 2018.

The PPE anticipates an increase production by an additional 16 MW (relative to 2015 figures) by 2023 by adding landfill biogas power production and commissioning a latest-generation household waste incinerator at La Gabarre landfill.