Renewable Energy

Solar Photovoltaics

  • Regulatory framework
  • Sector strengths and weaknesses
  • Growth potential of solar photovoltaics in Guadeloupe

Wind Energy

  • The wind power sector in Guadeloupe
  • Potential growth and regional plans for wind energy

Biomass / Biogas

  • Biomass: challenges and regional strategy
  • Biomass resources
  • Biogas: challenges and prospects
  • Biomass / biogas energy recovery methods
  • Biomass / biogas online resources

Geothermal Energy

  • The geothermal energy sector in Guadeloupe
  • Geothermal energy powering regional strategy
  • Growth potential of the geothermal sector


  • The hydropower sector in Guadeloupe
  • Hydroelectric potential and future growth