Easy Ways to Save Energy

Easy Ways to Save Energy

Simple Ways to Save on Energy Bills

1. Turn off the lights and all other appliances when not in use. Use smart power strips with a master outlet control to turn off multiple appliances with a single flip of the switch.

2. Keep only essential appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers, plugged in during long periods of absence. Unplug all non-essential appliances such as air conditioners, computers and entertainment center, etc.

3. Use washing machines with full loads and use cold water. A cold wash uses ‎only ⅓ of the energy of a hot wash.

4. Set air conditioners to 24° C. Setting air conditioners to a temperature between 22° C and 24° C instead of between 18° C and 20° C lowers electricity bills by €100 per year for air conditioners running for 6 to 10 hours a day.

5. Keep windows and doors closed when the air conditioner is running. Air conditioners perform best in closed spaces.

6. Make use of natural ventilation or opt for a ceiling fan, which consumes only ¼ of the energy used by an air conditioner. Both are excellent alternatives to air conditioning.

7. Select appliances that are rated A, A+ and A+++ when making a new purchase. Appliances rated A and better use half as much electricity as lower-rated appliances.

8. Maintain household appliances according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, such as defrosting refrigerators and cleaning air condition filters. If your refrigerator does not automatically defrost, defrost your refrigerator about every 3 months. A refrigerator with more than 3 mm of frost can consume 30% more energy. Frost of more than 4 mm doubles its energy use.

9. Choose a solar water heater. Solar power is free, renewable, non-polluting and emits no greenhouse gases. Solar water heaters are now mandatory in new construction in Guadeloupe.

10. Insulate your home (e.g. roof and windows), and choose light colors for roofs (e.g. grey, white, yellow). A well-insulated home stays 2° C to 5° C cooler than a poorly insulated one. A cooler home requires less air conditioning, and therefore consumes less energy.

11. Opt for natural sources of light. Take advantage of the high number of sunny days to save energy.

12. Choose energy-efficient light bulbs, which uses only ⅕ of the electricity for traditional incandescent light bulbs and last 8 to 10 times longer than.

Learn more tips to save on energy bills by visiting the Guadeloupe energy demand management website!