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RTG Feasibility Study

General Information

The proposed measure concerns new and renovated buildings with 1000 m² or more. A feasibility study must be completed for these buildings to assess the technical and economic indicators for a variety of energy items.


The feasibility study covers three areas:

  1. Hot water production using solar power or recovery from refrigeration units. Energy recovery from refrigeration units may in fact be better technically and economically than solar power for some tertiary sector buildings;
  2. Refrigeration for air conditioning. The study should compare available solutions, such as chilled water systems with or without cold storage, VRV direct expansion, split, solar-powered AC.
  3. Decentralized electricity production, connected to the grid with or without electricity storage, including a study of available technologies such as photovoltaics or wind power on the roof.

The feasibility study assesses the technical and economic indicators of available options for each of these areas.

Applying the RTG Feasibility Study

The feasibility study must be performed before the building permit application is submitted, or, if no permit is required, before estimates or contract awards for the work are accepted.