Energy Demand Management: RTG Thermal Regulation Portal

The Four Parts of the RTG

RTG Construction

General Information RTG1 Construction is a set of technical regulations for new residential, office, or commercial buildings and new additions, both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned. Guidelines The purpose of RTG Construction […]

RTG Energy Performance Diagnostics (DPEG)

General Information Guadeloupe Energy Performance Diagnostics (Diagnostic de Performance Energétique Guadeloupe, DPEG) is a building certification process introduced by the Regional Council of Guadeloupe. It provides information on a building’s […]

RTG Appliances and Systems

Hot Water Heaters General Information The Regional Council decided that domestic hot water must be solar-powered in all residential housing and the tertiary sector (lodging, health facilities, restaurants, hotels, sports […]

RTG Feasibility Study

General Information The proposed measure concerns new and renovated buildings with 1000 m² or more. A feasibility study must be completed for these buildings to assess the technical and economic […]